Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Legislator Doyle Cleared of any wrong doing

The Oswego County Ethics Board unanimously dismissed a complaint lodged against Legislator Shawn Doyle by former legislature Chairman Barry Leemann.

The charges stemmed from the Town of Richland’s decision to house the town historian’s office in the Pulaski Courthouse, which is owned by the county.

Doyle, the town’s historian, and other town officials utilize a small office located in the upper level of the courthouse. The town also occupies space in the lower level for departmental offices.

In a press release issued through his attorney, Doyle stated that he wanted to make the public aware of the board decision and asked the public to consider whether “the manufacture and publicizing of unfounded ethics charges constitute a misuse of the process in an attempt to silence or intimidate an elected official, and whether this abuse of the ethics process is a violation of the public trust.”

Doyle’s case has left some legislators to re-evaluate the ethics board process.

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