Saturday, April 21, 2012

Does character count... Matt Doheny?

It’s not hard to make a case that politicians don’t have the best reputation, especially when they are picking a jury in the John Edwards trial.
With the congressional primary just two months away, we have some concerns about one of the prominent candidates.

Matt Doheny, an investment fund manager from Watertown, and Kellie Greene, an international business consultant and seminary student from Sackets Harbor, are both seeking the Republican nomination for the new 21st Congressional District, which includes Warren, Washington and northern Saratoga County. We don’t know much about Greene, and we sort of wish we knew less about Doheny.

Making headlines in the New York Post is never a good way to kick off your campaign.

Yes, we watched the video.

This is the kind of story that makes newspaper editors uncomfortable and readers squirm, right before they hit the replay button and forward the video to 10 of their friends.

Doheny, who is engaged to be married in June, was in Washington, D.C., recently to attend a Republican Party event for possible congressional candidates. He attended without his fiancee. The website published a report and photographs in late March, and the New York Post followed with a story and video that showed Doheny being a little too friendly with a female aquaintance who is not his fiancee.

Hey, none of our business; but then again, these shenanigans seem pervasive in the political arena these days. Just tune in to the Edwards trial for a reminder — and he was running for president.

We have not met Mr. Doheny yet and know little about him, but what we do know is a concern. He was charged twice in 2004 for boating while intoxicated and subsequently paid fines. While we believe past transgressions can be forgiven after frank discussion, we have found Mr. Doheny’s statements regarding those 2004 charges and his friendly encounter in Washington more spin than explanation.

The video shows Doheny on the terrace of a restaurant, leaning closely in to a woman while his hand wanders down her back, well, to a place that could lead to a slap in the face.

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Anonymous said...

Doheny has skated through life without suffering the consequences of any of his actions. Why do you think he is marrying this particular girl? I have known a couple of Doheny's serious girlfriends in the past and this woman doesn't compare to any of them. Her best quality (in doheny's eyes, at least) is that she appears to tolerate his indiscretions. Thus he can continue to misbehave without consequence as long as the general public doesn't know about it. It was only when people outside his circle became aware of his behavior that he got into trouble. He has never had to answer to anything or anyone and most surely will not agree to do so in this case either.