Monday, April 16, 2012

Oswego County legislator asks that second ethics leak be probed

The Oswego County district attorney has been asked to investigate how an ethics complaint filed against a legislator was leaked to the press. Now, the district attorney will be asked to investigate a second leak in the same matter.

Legislator Shawn Doyle said he was taken by surprise when a news reporter telephoned him to request an interview in regard to the dismissal of the charges.

At the time of the call, few people were in possession of the dismissal and Doyle had yet to review the ethics board decision with his attorney.

When the ethics board renders a decision in favor of the defendant, it is sent to the complainant, the defendant and the defendant’s attorney. They are the only persons who can release the decision. Others with knowledge of the decision would include members of the ethics board and the county attorney.

Both Doyle and Barry Leemann, who made the complaint, said they did not release the decision, although Leemann acknowledged that he had several people ask if the ethics board had made a determination.

When contacted Tuesday, John FitzGibbons, who serves as the chairman of the ethics board, said he could not comment on the alleged breach of confidentiality.

Last month, the legislature’s Strategic Planning and Government Committee unanimously voted to have District Attorney Greg Oakes investigative the leak.

Oakes said in a recent interview that he will be contacting Doyle for more information. As of press time, Doyle said he nor his lawyer have heard from Oakes.


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