Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Composition of Oswego County Ethics Board slated for discussion

The recent events in regard to an apparent ethics board leak has led to the discussion as to whether the composition of the board needs revamping.

The Oswego County Legislature’s Strategic Planning and Government Committee will discuss the board when legislators meet April 23.

In the meantime, some legislators are gathering information from other counties as to the number of members they appoint to their boards and the composition of the membership.

State law requires local governments to have a minimum of three members. One member must be an appointed or elected officer or employee of the county.

That law has left some legislators questioning the potential for a conflict-of-interest.

During last month’s meeting of the committee, Legislators Shawn Doyle (R) and Mike Kunzwiler (D) raised the issue of whether a department head should be a member of the Ethics Board.

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