Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Too many Oswego County legislators Costing $$$$$

The Oswego County Legislature’s minority leader wants the voters to decide whether the number of legislative districts should be reduced.

Legislator Mike Kunzwiler made the suggestion during Monday’s meeting of the Legislature’s Strategic Planning and Government Committee.

A discussion surfaced when County Administrator Phil Church presented a report of a special committee assigned to review redistricting.

The legislature won’t be redistricting, it was noted, but may do reapportionment.

“If the legislature is going to reapportion, then the legislature should downsize,” Legislator Doug Malone said.

Church said the special committee determined that the size of the legislature wouldn’t be changed at this time. He added that the reapportionment would be reviewed after the Congressional district lines are drawn.

“We were going to look at it after the congressional lines were drawn,” he said.

Kunzwiler said Democrats feel strongly that the option to downsize should be put on the table.

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