Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oswego County Legislator Files Against GOP State Senator

Amy Tresidder, an Oswego County Legislator, has formally taken out paperwork to challenge North Country State Senator Patty Ritchie today.

Ms. Tresidder’s committee will allow her to raise and spend money and put wheels on her campaign as she seeks to compete with an incumbent who already has $74,000 in her campaign account.

Ms. Ritchie is serving her first term in the State Senate after defeating Democrat Darrel Aubertine in 2010. Mr. Aubertine won in a bit of an upset himself during a 2008 a special election, and Ms. Tresidder may have an uphill battle on her hands this November if she follows through with the campaign.

However, at least one Democratic Senate source insisted Ms. Ritchie could indeed be vulnerable, citing campaign promises like independent redistricting and the STAR property tax relief program.

“Unfortunately Patty has proven over and over again she can’t keep her word and she can’t deliver for her district,” he said.