Saturday, March 31, 2012

Matt Doheny's Alleged Makeout Pics: We Really Tried Giving This Guy The Benefit Of The Doubt. Then We Saw The Video (Sigh)

By now, you've probably seen the photos of Congressional wannabe Matt Doheny in what appears to be a steamy makeout sesh with a GOP campaign consultant -- who isn't his fiancee.
We spent the better part of the afternoon yesterday trying to extend the benefit of the doubt to Mr. Doheny with the hopes of being able to prove that maybe, just maybe, he wasn't making out with the consultant, Monica Notzon.

We examined the photo -- looked at it from different angles thinking "maybe they're just talking...really, really (really) closely. We corresponded with Doheny's campaign, which offered us nothing (on the record, anyway) but the same far-fetched response it's given other media outlets. Hell, we even sent Maureen O'Connor over at Gawker -- where the photos were first published -- a somewhat nasty email hoping she'd offer up some evidence that perhaps people were looking too far into what really is just an innocent photo of two friends enjoying a night out.

Then we saw the video, and have come to one conclusion: it's impossible to give this guy the benefit of the doubt on this one -- if Doheny and Notzon weren't sucking face, we don't know what they were doing.

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