Sunday, March 25, 2012


Last week Oswego County’s new Congressman Richard Hanna made a speech before a rally in support of the Equal Rights Amendment. Clearly anyone who actually read the comments from the Congressman in total clearly could see his real and heartfelt support for women's issues. These comments may be uncomfortable to the new far right Republican Party, but let's get this straight – is now the reality of the Republican Party of today. It is clear from the current Republican leadership in Congress that they have supported an assault on woman's rights since taking leadership.

It might be helpful to look at the comments from the congressman and what was actually said,

"I'll tell you this: Contribute your money to people who speak out on your behalf, because the other side -- my side -- has a lot of it. And you need to send your own message. You need to remind people that you vote, you matter, and that they can't succeed without your help."

So, did the congressman actually say give your money to the Democratic Party? Well no he didn't. It is clear however, that his side is the Republican side and the other side is the Democratic side. He did say however, clearly, to give money to those people who speak on your behalf. Without question over the last several years the people who have spoken on the behalf of women in our society has been the Democratic Party. So by default, it is clear, he more than inferred to support with monetary contributions the Democratic Party. LET'S GET THIS STRAIGHT…it was what he said.

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