Monday, March 5, 2012

EDITORIAL Veto the Maps

New York’s Legislature is reportedly planning to offer Gov. Andrew Cuomo a bipartisan and utterly sleazy redistricting deal. If he will approve their new gerrymandered districts for the next decade, Assembly and State Senate leaders will propose a constitutional amendment they promise will improve the way the state draws election districts — in 2022. Mr. Cuomo must keep his promise and veto the Legislature’s self-serving maps.

Why should anyone believe this gang? During the 2010 campaign a majority of these same lawmakers signed a pledge to create an independent redistricting process to draw fair districts in time for this year’s vote. Of course, once they settled back into their cushioned seats, they decided it was better to wait another 10 years.

Gerrymandering is one of the main reasons for Albany’s stagnation and corruption. Districts are drawn to ensure the same politicians keep getting re-elected. Legislators, who know their leaders have guaranteed their jobs and perks, won’t dare to challenge their iron rule.

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Superb Jon said...

Failure to respect the utilitarian boundaries offered by three, four and five digit postal zip codes can only result in judicial intervention.