Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gov. Andrew Cuomo set to veto district boundaries drawn by the Legislature

Gov. Cuomo still stands ready to veto the legislative district boundaries drawn by the Legislature, aides said Monday.

Cuomo aides deny growing sentiment that a deal with lawmakers has been reached — or is close — on the once-a-decade redistricting.

“He’s not backing off his position,” an administration official insisted. “Nothing has changed.”

But Cuomo raised eyebrows last week when he suggested he would set aside his veto pen if lawmakers met three criteria:

- Redraw the legislative lines more fairly than the first draft.

- Commit passing a constitutional amendment to ensure a more independent system in 10 years.

- Revamp the state law governing redistricting in case voters or legislators shoot down the amendment.

The Senate and Assembly are expected to pass a reworked redistricting plan as early as Feb. 29.

Meanwhile, lawyers for the legislative leaders filed papers asking a federal three-judge panel to hold off on appointing a special master to draw the state and congressional district lines instead of the Legislature.

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