Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ethics leak will be probed

How an ethics complaint was leaked to the press before the defendant was served with the paperwork remains a mystery, but it will be addressed by the Oswego County Ethics Board.

Barry Leemann, at the conclusion of his term as Oswego County legislature chairman, filed an ethics complaint against Legislator Shawn Doyle in regard to Doyle’s use of office space in the H. Douglas Barclay Courthouse that the county rents to the Town of Richland.

Doyle serves as the town historian and utilizes a small office that is sometimes used by other town officials as well.

Leemann said he filed the complaint with County Attorney Richard Mitchell Tuesday, December 27. The following day, Doyle received a telephone call from an area reporter asking him to comment on the ethics charge. At the time of the call, Doyle had not been served with the complaint and had no knowledge of it.

Doyle received the complaint Friday, December 30 — two days after he received the call from the reporter.

At the time of the reporter’s telephone call to Doyle, the only persons known to possess the written complaint were the three members of the county’s Ethics Board, Mitchell and Leemann.

Leemann had said at that time that he “absolutely did not” contact the press in regard to the complaint, nor did he receive the copy back from the county attorney until the day after the media contact.

-Look for the full story in the Saturday edition of the Valley News...

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