Friday, February 24, 2012

Cuomo slams Legislature for what he sees as inconvenient truths in redistricting fight

Gov. Cuomo Thursday unleashed a scorched-earth attack on state lawmakers, branding them hypocrites and highlighting what he sees as the inconvenient truths of their approach to redistricting.

Setting flame to turf on both sides of the political aisle, Cuomo fumed that he has had enough of what he called the “political theater” surrounding the once-a-decade redrawing of legislative district boundaries.

He ripped into Senate Democrats for a letter first reported Thursday by the Daily News in which the minority urged him to veto the redistricting proposals created by the majorities in both chambers.

Cuomo questioned why his fellow Dems didn’t manage to pass an independently crafted redistricting bill during the two years they held a majority in the chamber.

“Because they were in power,” Cuomo said, answering his own question during his tirade on Albany’s Talk 1300-AM.

“They conveniently forget that.”

He also asked why the Senate Dems have not exerted more pressure on their “buddies” in the Democrat-controlled Assembly to refrain from passing redistricting models that are not independently drawn.

“You want me to veto the bill?” Cuomo said bitterly. “Don’t pass the bill.”

But the Senate Democrats were not the only faction to incur the popular governor’s wrath.

Cuomo blasted the Senate Republican majority for going back on a campaign pledge to former Mayor Ed Koch in which they vowed to pass partisan-free redistricting this year.

“They signed a pledge to Mayor Koch and they just did a 180 on it,” Cuomo railed.

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