Friday, January 27, 2012

Senate Democrats Go On The Attack Over New District Maps

Senate Democrats are already moving to score political points off the GOP’s much-criticized redistricting plan.

In an e-mail being blasted to supporters today, the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee Chair Mike Gianaris attacks the plan and urge people to call Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos’ office to voice their concerns.

“Yesterday, Senate Republicans officially returned Albany to its status as the most dysfunctional capital in the nation, dealing a shameful blow to the cause of reform. In a brazen move stolen straight out of the playbook of convicted felon Tom DeLay, millions of New Yorkers were disenfranchised as part of a last ditch Republican attempt to cling to power,” the e-mail begins.

It goes on to cite criticisms from Gov. Cuomo, Ed Koch and NYPIRG’s Bill Mahoney. Cuomo has threatened to veto the maps produced yesterday.

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