Sunday, January 22, 2012

Report on Essex County(Info Quick Solutions Inc. (IQS) of Liverpool.) finding to be released soon

Franklin County District Attorney Derek Champagne said Wednesday that within the next 10 days he will release a report of his investigation into the relationship between the Essex County Clerk’s office and Info Quick Solutions Inc. (IQS) of Liverpool.

“I have a report that’s done,” Champagne said. “I am doing the final draft.”

A copy of the report will be submitted to Essex County officials and the New York State Attorney General, Champagne said.

Champagne was named special prosecutor in the case that began when The Valley News submitted a Freedom of Information request for the e-mail correspondence between the county clerk’s office and county officials.

Essex County Manager Daniel Palmer reviewed the requested information prior to releasing it, and based on the content, he said he referred it to Champagne.

The e-mail exchanges show IQS submitted reasons for the other bidding vendors to be denied the contract. Palmer and the Essex County purchasing director had recommended another company be awarded a contract. The Essex County Board of Supervisors subsequently awarded a contract to IQS.

IQS currently holds a contract with Oswego County on a month-to-month basis as legislators have been more than a year attempting to award a bid.

A new request for proposals is expected to be released soon following two unsuccessful attempts — both shrouded in controversy.

The county’s ethics board found Deputy County Clerk Georgiana Mansfield guilty of working for IQS and the board later released a ruling in regard to County Clerk George Williams and Deputy Clerk of Operations Matthew Bacon having drinks with IQS officials shortly after all competing vendors had made presentations to the legislature’s Community and Consumer Affairs Committee.

Last week, the St. Lawrence County Legislature voted to release a request for proposals after County Clerk Mary Lou Rupp attempted a no-bid contract with IQS, according to St. Lawrence county officials.

St. Lawrence County Legislator Fred Morrill said that Rupp’s reasoning for contracting with IQS was almost identical to the reasoning Williams gave to Oswego County legislators. Morrill said he had the minutes of the Oswego County legislature meetings to use as a comparison.

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