Friday, January 6, 2012

Appanoose County man claims Romney vote total is wrong

CENTERVILLE — Edward L. True, of Moulton, claims in an affidavit Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's caucus vote total is wrong.

True writes Mitt Romney in his precinct of Washington and Wells township was given credit for 22 ballots when he actually only received two.

According to the Iowa GOP web site, Mitt Romney received 22 ballots for the precinct in question. Romney is credited with beating Rick Santorum by eight votes in the Iowa caucus.

"I talked to Appanoose County officials and their numbers matched mine," True said by telephone Thursday night. "It's the state's numbers that don't match."

True said he was one of three people to count the ballots Tuesday night and said with 100 percent certainty Romney's total is off by 20.

"I hope it's an honest mistake when it was typed in," True said.

True said the 20 ballot difference changes the outcome of the Iowa caucus and believes it's something the people in New Hampshire and South Carolina should know about because their primaries are coming up.

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