Friday, November 25, 2011

Williams Doesn't Have His Story Straight

The testimony continued with Williams stating that he has over 40 employees and he was confident that the claimant was the one who was speaking to other county employees in regard to the comings and goings of his office.

The testimony describes an incident involving Mansfield. According to the transcripts, Mansfield complained about a certain employee in the presence of the claimant and another employee, Loretta Ukelya. The employee complained to Deputy County Clerk of Operations Matthew Bacon about Mainsfield’s statements the following day.

The judge then asked how Williams could be sure it was the claimant who shared the information and Williams had no proof, according to the documents.

Williams was asked what he meant when, in another document provided as an exhibit, he used the words “set up.”

Williams responded, “It means we had our suspicions and this proves what we thought and we purposely set it up.”

When asked what Williams’ suspicions were, he said that the claimant was going to another employee with information as to who was coming and leaving his office.

“Your personal office or your publicly held office?” Williams was asked.

“My personal office,” he responded.

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