Friday, November 4, 2011

Second sexual harassment claim against Herman Cain cost $45,000

Can he get his story STRAIGHT?

Just to refresh your memory, this was Cain on Monday:

If the restaurant association did a settlement, I wasn’t even aware of it and I hope it wasn’t for much. If there was a settlement, it was handled by some of the other officers at the restaurant association.

Which turned into this:

Maybe three months' salary. I don't remember. It might have been two months. I do remember my general counsel saying we didn't pay all of the money they demanded.

Which on Tuesday became this:

The financial settlement with the accuser "was in the vicinity of 3 to 6 months' severance pay," he said, adding that the payment was "not outside our guidelines for what most people get ... when they leave the Restaurant Association involuntarily."

But on Tuesday night we learned that one of the payouts was actually $35,000—a full year's salary for one of the women who, uh, came up to his chin.

So that's two different women who were each paid a year's salary to go away quietly. In the span of four days, we've gone from "no settlement" to $80,000. And counting ...

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