Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Republicans Trying to Cut Proven JOB CREATING PROGRAM

The GOP-led House has scheduled a Wednesday-evening vote on the bill, which includes $3.65 billion to replenish a Federal Emergency Management Agency disaster-aid fund.

“I will vote no,” said Dicks.

Hoyer's alert reads, “Despite the practice of the previous administration declaring disaster funding as emergency spending and not offsetting emergency spending, this bill would offset the $1 billion in FY11 disaster relief funding using a program that is a proven job-creator.”

The alert adds, “This is a dangerous cut that will affect American jobs and another example of the Republicans’ inability to compromise, and the continuation of their no-jobs agenda.”

At issue is whether House Republicans can get enough votes to back a version of the bill if it is returned to them with the changes that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., is considering.

Reid has called the disaster-aid funding in the House bill inadequate; he said he will offer an amendment to it attaching $6.9 billion in FEMA funding that the Senate approved last week. The Senate bill does not offset the funding.

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