Saturday, September 10, 2011

Obama stands his ground on jobs tour

President Barack Obama preaches compromise, but he’s never promised to use nonpartisan means to achieve his bipartisan ends — and he will hit the road this fall to lash Republicans into civilized cooperation.

The first stop on Obama’s jobs-or-bust road tour on Friday took him barely outside the Beltway, to Richmond, within shouting distance of Washington Republicans. He descended into the district of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, his sharpest congressional critic, who lost no time in reasserting himself and his party in his own speech just 10 miles away.

Obama’s twin goals in Richmond and elsewhere: Convince Republicans he’s not only relevant, but still a dangerous political enemy, while selling the jaded Democratic base on his progressive credentials and political toughness.

“I want you to call, I want you to email, I want you to tweet, I want you to fax, I want you to visit, I want you to Facebook, send a carrier pigeon,” Obama shouted to an adoring crowd of 9,000 at the University of Richmond in Cantor’s district, echoing lines he used during the debt ceiling debate that prompted a flood of responses to congressional switchboards and in-boxes.

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