Friday, August 26, 2011

Thousands spent for legislators’ medical benefits

Last December, a majority of the Oswego County legislators were unwilling to give up a perk that allows up to $1,000 annually for uninsured medical expenses for themselves and their qualifying dependents.

The cost to taxpayers to provide the benefit for 2010 was $15,657.80, according to County Administrator Phil Church.

Each legislator is entitled to $1,000 per year for reimbursement of uninsured medical expenses. The perk can be used by either the legislator or their qualifying dependents regardless of whether they are enrolled in the county’s health insurance plan.

During budget talks last December, Democrats proposed eliminating the benefit for all legislators. Only Republican legislators Mary Flett, Terry Wilbur and Shawn Doyle voted with the four Democrat lawmakers in support of elimination.

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