Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oswego County CSEA Union May take Action on County Clerk Issue

The union representing the employees of the Oswego County Clerk’s office filed a Taylor Law demand for a copy of a letter reportedly written by County Clerk George Williams. The union has turned the letter over to CSEA lawyers.

“We did file a Taylor Law demand and received a copy of the letter and we are consulting with our attorneys on the next steps,” the county’s CSEA union President Bill Reed said Thursday.

The three-page letter, dated May 28, disclosed the names of several employees listed as “the cast of characters or disgruntle (sic) employees.”

The names of four employees are listed, accusing them and others of being players “in a ploy to have me removed from the office of County Clerk after 31 year (sic),” the letter states.

The letter was discussed during the June 9 meeting of the Oswego County Legislature. Reed was in the audience but did not comment. He said he did not speak because he had only heard about the letter when the issue was raised on the floor.

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