Thursday, June 16, 2011

Letter to Republicans from Oswego County Clerk sparks controversy at legislature meeting

The Oswego County Legislature’s minority leader called for the resignation of Oswego County Clerk George Williams during a discussion in regard to a three-page letter that disclosed the names of several employees listed as “the cast of characters or disgruntle (sic) employees.”

The letter, reportedly to be written by Williams and sent to “Republican Legislators” states, “Before I start I would like to list the cast of characters or disgruntle (sic) employees in the County Clerks (sic) Registrars Office so that you know them by name.”

The names of four employees are listed, accusing them and others of being players “in a ploy to have me removed from the office of County Clerk after 31 year (sic).”

Minority Leader Mike Kunzwiler brought the letter up for discussion during Thursday’s meeting of the full legislature.
“I’ve been in this legislature 14 years and I’ve seen some rotten things happen in this legislature from time to time...What’s most disturbing about this letter is that it goes on to degrade some of our county employees and (discloses) names, that I believe, is improper for person in that position to do.”

Kunzwiler said the employees should have the right of freedom at any time to go to the legislature, the chairman or the administrator to bring up safety, ethical or lawfulness concerns.

He added that it is “deplorable” to subject the employees to intimidation and said it is in violation of laws, including the Whistleblowers Protection Act.

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