Thursday, June 2, 2011

Democrat caucus explores reduction of number of legislators

The Democrat caucus of the Oswego County Legislature has asked to explore the possibility of reducing the number of legislators from the current 25 to 15.A request was made at the May 23 meeting of the legislature’s Strategic Planning and Government Committee and moved to discussion with the assistance of Republican Legislator Mark Fruce.

Legislator Doug Malone made a motion to reduce the legislature with Fruce providing the second, adding that he thought it was time to take a look at it.“If it will save the taxpayers some money, I think we should do it,” he said.Legislator

Amy Tresidder has compiled statistics from around the state and she maintains that there will be savings.There are 57 counties in New York State outside of New York City. Thirty-nine of them have legislatures while 17 of them have boards of supervisors. One county has a board of representatives.

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Anonymous said...

This would be a disaster for rural residents of Oswego County. The cities (Oswego and Fulton) would control the votes and have total control of the county. It's bad enough that we now have to "apply" for use of our bed tax, and that we've lost control of our county housing money because Jack Proud and a few others made a "deal" that made the Republicans look good. This would be just plain awful. What is Malone thinking?

On second thought, if this came to this pass rural voters would be so screwed they might actually vote out the Republicans who have been misrepresenting them for years now, and vote in some Democrats *G* Maybe Malone's onto something here...maybe.