Sunday, May 29, 2011

County Clerks 30-year friendship and relationship now appears to have the attention of federal investigators

Oswego County Clerk George Williams and Bernard Owens, the owner of Info Quick Solutions, Inc., of Liverpool have both acknowledged a 30-year friendship and that relationship now appears to have the attention of federal investigators.

It has been reported that the FBI has served subpoenas to produce records on both the County Clerk’s office and IQS. The Public Information Office of the FBI in Albany would not confirm or deny an investigation when contacted Wednesday.

John Duncan of the Northern District U.S. Attorney’s Office in Syracuse, said “no comment” when asked if subpoenas had been issued.

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(Over)TaxedMan said...

It's our personal information that firms like this collect. The corruption in government is disgusting, how could the county never sign a contract with them before they gave them access to all of our records? This is a big deal its our identities and we don't know what these people do with them, I don't they are in it for the pennies they get from the county. They are probably selling it to corporations and marketers and those firms that collect information on everyone we do from what we've bought with our credit card to where we live and our sleeping, shopping and work patterns. Rattles my cages that the county legislature could let this happen. I always thought that the day Democrats held control would be the day our freedoms perished, thank you George Williams and our corrupt Republican overlords for shattering my world view.