Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oswego ... Where is the job development?

On Tuesday, the New York State Department of Labor released its monthly unemployment statistics for February. Unsurprisingly, Oswego County — which sustained a record 10.5 percent annual average rate of unemployment last year, and the second-highest unemployment rate for a month in January — came in with the state’s second-highest joblessness rate, at 12 percent, ranking only behind the Bronx.

This follows a trend of record-high unemployment, including January’s revised unemployment rate of 12.5 percent — amended down from 12.6 percent, the second-highest rate since February 1992’s 12.7 percent. Even worse, after adjusting for changes in population, more people were without work in January than any other point in the 21 years that data has been kept, with approximately 7,500 county residents seeking work.

The Palladium-Times reached out for comment to some of the county community development agencies over the last two months, to inquire as to what initiatives were under way or what prospective projects were in development, in hopes of finding a glimmer of hope for those in the area still seeking work. However, what we heard back was far from inspiring.

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