Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cuomo: It's been a good 100 days for the state!

Sunday marks the 100th day of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's tenure and he took a victory lap of
sorts this morning on Susan Arbetter's radio program "The Capitol Pressroom."

"I feel like it’s been a lot longer than 100 days," Cuomo joked. "I think if you count the hours rather than the days, its been years of service Cuomo quickly added: "I think its been a good 100 days for the state."

Not surprisingly, Cuomo ranked passage of an on-time state budget as the signature achievement of his first 100 days."If I had told you 100 days ago that the New York State Legislature is going to pass this  budget on time, I think there would be significant levels of disbelief," Cuomo said.

Aside from closing a $10 billion deficit with no new  taxes or borrowing, the budget, he said, also included strong program initiatives,  including a permanent power-for-jobs program, regional counsels for economic development and  a reorganization of state government.

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