Saturday, March 5, 2011

Clerk of Operations subject to public hearing says NYS Civil Service...did county lie to state?

The New York State Civil Service Department requires that the new position of Oswego County Deputy Clerk of Operations be subject to a public hearing and meet the requirement of Civil Service Law.

“After the public hearing, a resolution would be adopted and sent to the state commission,” said Tom Falcon, principal municipal personnel consultant for the New York State Department of Civil Service.

“They can classify the position and it can be created and filled but all positions are competitive unless it’s removed from the class,” he added.

The position was questioned during the Feb. 23 of the Legislature’s Community and Consumer Affairs Committee when a resolution was brought forth to recognize the position as non-competitive for the purpose of Civil Service.

Legislator James Karasek asked why the legislature had waited two years to bring forth the resolution in regard to the position.

Personnel Director Carol Alnutt responded that the entire packet that had been sent to the state Civil Service Department had been lost.

That is not true, according to Nancy Kiyonaga, director of commission of operations. She said the county withdrew the request last year.

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UPDATE: There appears to be a legal question of the title of Deputy County Clerk. State law does not allow for the title the county is asking for as a deputy clerk. The question then is did the county illegally appoint the deputy clerk?

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