Thursday, March 31, 2011

Civil Service exempt? County says yes, state says no

Oswego County officials are in an apparent disagreement as to whether the position of deputy county clerk of operations has already been exempted from Civil Service classification.

In response to a Freedom of Information request for the job description of the deputy, Legislature Clerk Ted Jerrett responded in a March 23 letter that as an exempt class title, there is no job description.

The county is in the process of exempting the position and the New York State Civil Service Department states that until a ruling is made by the Civil Service Commission, the position is not exempt.

“We can confirm that the title Deputy County Clerk of Operations in Oswego County has not been approved by the State Civil Service Commission for placement in the exempt class. As you are aware, placement of this title in the exempt class was requested in a resolution submitted last year, but the request was withdrawn. Since that time no new request to place Deputy County Clerk of Operations in the exempt class has been submitted.” the State Civil Service Department stated in writing Monday.

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