Thursday, February 17, 2011

UPDATE: Ethics Conflicts in Oswego County Clerks office???

Oswego, NY -- Two Oswego County officials in the county clerk's office recently were investigated for ethics violations.

Georgiana M. Mansfield, first deputy county clerk, was found guilty of failing to disclose outside work she did for a company that is a vendor for the county. She paid a civil penalty of $2,452 to the county.

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County ethics board finds deputy clerk guilty of conflict of interest

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Anonymous said...

I applaud the efforts of the handful of people trying to make change for the better in our county. Sadly, nothing will come of this. The Republicans have controlled Oswego County for generations, and will continue to do so until working-class people get off their lazy behinds and vote. If the debacle in the City of Oswego involving Gosek and his cronies couldn't wake people up, I honestly don't know what ill. This is just Oswego County Politics 101 :-(