Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oswego County Republican Legislators Misrepresent NYS Civil Commissions Reply

On a claim that the New York State Civil Service Department lost paperwork for two years, members of the Oswego County Legislature’s Community and Consumer Affairs Committee approved to recognize the position of deputy county clerk of operations.

According to Nancy Kiyonaga, Director of Commision of Operations for the State Civil Service Department, the county’s paperwork was not lost. “It is not true that we lost it,” she said.

Kiyonaga said a draft had been sent to her office in 2009 and in 2010 the county sent an official resolution but had withdrawn it.

Earlier this month, the legislature postponed the resolution when questions surfaced about the deputy clerk. The latest resolution did not contain the position of deputy clerk.

The county clerk’s office has been shrouded in controversy and Democrats have called for a full audit and investigation into the office. It was recently revealed that the deputy clerk had been found guilty by the county Ethics Board of being employed with a county vendor that does business with the clerk’s office.

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Anonymous said...

Did this little tidbit from the same issue escape your notice?

"...The Valley News recently requested the time sheets for some employees of the County Clerk's office. Upon their arrival, one sheet contained some fresh white-out. Held to the light was the very visible appearance of the words, "Shopping with Georgie." Why the white out was used is unknown as it doesn't fall under a category of personal information, such as address or birthdates, that would allow for redaction.

There are other entries that were whited out prior to the copies being made. Why was the time sheet altered? Legislature Clerk Ted Jerrett said he did not white out anything on the documents. Just who did, remains a mystery at this point."

Ain't that too darn cute? I'm just so damn fed up with the GOP in this county. I'm glad my grandfather didn't live to see what his party has become. He would be devastated :-(

DisgustedRepublican said...

Did somebody get paid to go "shopping with Georgie"

If the county pays for employees to go shopping, can I have a job?