Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Democrats produce proof new GOP County Chair mislead Republican Committee

Story from the Valley News

During the meeting, Beardsley reportedly presented a challenge to Democrats as he delivered his acceptance speech.

Beardsley, whose appointment was not unanimously, allegedly challenged the Democrats to produce the letter ( posted below this article) they claimed to hold, according to seven committee members who were present at the meeting.

“He said that if the Democrats can produce the letter, he would pay for a full page ad in the newspaper,” committee member Cheryl Holmes, who was present at the meeting, recalled.

Her statement was corroborated by six other committee members who were in attendance.

Beardsley’s statement was apparently in response to a story that appeared in the Dec. 1 issue of The Valley News. The Democrats alleged that the Republican legislator had sought their support during the 2003 election and was willing to join with them in exchange for the Democratic line in the November election.

The Oswego County Democrat Committee members allege they have two documents from Beardsley to back up their allegations and accepted his challenge by providing a copy of one letter to The Valley News.

In a questionnaire dated May 22, 2003, Beardsley’s response to the question of whether he believed the Republican-led legislature has done all it can to curb spending, the response is noted as “Most defeinetly (sic) no!!”

Beardsley also noted that he would not vote for a legislature chairman without binding himself to a party caucus majority member vote.

“I will vote for the best person I believe for the post,” he wrote.

The new GOP chairman offered the statement that as the supervisor for the Town of Hastings he had “appointed a Democrat to a town position.”

The document is witnessed by then-Legislator James Bryant, who, according to Legislator Doug Malone, accompanied Beardsley when they met to discuss the endorsement.

Malone and Oswego County Democrat Chairman Mike Kunzwiler said they learned of Beardsley’s challenge from Republicans and offered the document as proof.

“There’s the proof,” Kunzwiler said. “He accuses people of lying.”

Malone said he didn’t understand why Beardsley would deny existence of the letter. “He challenged me and Mike and there is it,” Malone said. “We didn’t forget. I stand by what I said before. We shook hands, we broke bread.”

Story from the Valley News

The Questionnaire


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