Monday, December 27, 2010

Backgrounder: How Redistricting Will Reshape New York's Battle Lines

At long last, those little census forms that arrived in our mailboxes last year, the ones we were endlessly hectored to fill out and send back, will come to mean something: They'll be used to redraw district lines for the 2012 state and federal elections. Already, legislators and their aides are pouring over maps and eyeing their colleagues suspiciously, wondering who will get their pick of city blocks and who will get squeezed out.

In the meantime however, redistricting experts and politicos say that despite all of the breathless speculation, there is a whole lot of nothing happening for the next several months. Part of that is because despite the release of new population numbers for the country (308,745,538, thank you very much) and the state (19.4 million, third behind California and Florida, whoo-hoo!), we are still waiting on the granular, election district-by-election district kind of results that are required before any new lines can be drawn. Here is how the battle will be joined in the days ahead:


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