Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ritchie files lawsuit in 48th District election...but WHY?

Valley News .... New York State Senator-elect Patricia Ritchie has filed a lawsuit against the election commissioners in the three counties representing the 48th District and Senator Darrel Aubertine.

The lawsuit seeks to preserve Ritchie’s rights under state Election Law to provide for court review of all ballots, including all emergency ballots, absentee ballots, affidavit ballots, special ballots, federal ballots and military ballots, if necessary.

She requested the court designate Oswego County as the venue for the proceedings, if her petition is granted.

The lawsuit is dated Sunday, Nov. 14, and was filed as an “emergency lawsuit,” according to Oswego County Board of Elections Commissioner Dick Atkins.

“This action is being brought outside the ordinary hours of business of the court and specifically the clerk’s office,” the petition states. FULL POST


Why would Patricia Ritchie file a lawsuit asking for a complete recount of all paper ballots in the 48th Senate District? This recount according to the Oswego County Board of Elections ... "Should the court grant her request, Atkins said the costs will soar. “It could cost hundreds of thousands,” he noted. The costs involved would include transporting the ballots and machines from Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties to Oswego County along with the time and expense of counting 100,000 ballots."

The first act of the senator elect is to cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars on a race that she won. Why? What is the point?

Clearly if this is what we can expect from Senator Ritchie... get ready for some really interesting decisions once she gets to Albany where she can waste millions instead of thousands.

Ritchie voters..I guess you got what you wanted. Another Republican Senator that will just do what her Albany bosses tell her.

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