Sunday, November 14, 2010

The path backwards will never bring us forward

Altmar, NY -- Altmar residents on Wednesday narrowly approved a plan to abolish their village government. The vote was 80 to 74.

Nearly 65 percent of the village's 239 registered voters showed up to vote.

The next step is for the village board will be to have a study done to find out exactly what will happen when the village no longer exists....... Debra J. Groom / The Post-Standard


The mantra of the Tea Party and that of the Republican Party is “less government and less taxes.” However, right here in Republican Oswego County in the tiny Village of Altmar that was confused with reality.

The Town of Albion, which the Village of Altmar is located in, is overwhelming Republican. You hear in the local gas station, Altmar’s version of a coffee shop, the constant complaints of BIG government, to many taxes and we need more freedom. Well, surly the vote to lower taxes, reduce government would pass overwhelming. It didn’t. Why the disconnect?

Why then didn’t the basic concepts of the Republican Party, in the heart of a Republican strong, win easily?

I think the answer is very clear. At a national and state level it’s easier not to see the benefits of government. It’s easy to get on your political soap box and have somebody else’s program or service cut, but when it hits home, well that’s another story.

This is what I believe is the basic logic that will eventually bring the average American voter to the realization the Tea Party and the Republican Party’s ideas will fail. To be constantly against the very intuitions you rely on, Social Security, Education, Infrastructure Development and yes your local village it becomes clear the path backwards will never bring us forward as a people.