Sunday, November 7, 2010

The fairy tales of the Ritchie campaign seemed to have won out.


It seems that the victory over Senator Aubertine was one of promises by Ritchie that maybe hard, if not impossible to keep, particularly in these hard economic times. Senator Aubertine ran a campaign of straight talk and real accomplishments, but the fairy tales of the Ritchie campaign seemed to have won out.

Ritchie seemed to have said anything the voters wanted to hear. Roll back sin taxes, return star rebate checks, cut taxes and create jobs all by the next legislative session. We will see, and we will keep track. She also ran on accountability, we plan on keeping her to that promise.

Ritchie’s campaign promises .. the voters except and deserve to have deliver on. After this very negative campaign for the 48th Senate and “dirty tricks from the Ritchie Campaign” we ought to have honestly of actions not just campaign promises.


From the Valley News:

Oswego County voters appears to have carried Ritchie to victory as she defeated Democrat incumbent Darrel Aubertine by a 10-point margin here.

"Promise" Residents said in large numbers that Ritchie earned their vote because she has promised to restore the STAR rebate checks. She also campaigned to roll back last year’s tax increases.

Many voters around the county said they believe they will receive a STAR rebate check by this time next year and 16 voters said they " Promise" expect use and sin taxes to drop at the beginning of 2011.

"Promise" Smokers were exceptionally favorable to Ritchie, stating that they believe the cigarette tax will be reversed soon after the first of the year.
Reeher said Ritchie made “dangerous promises,” especially if the voters hold her accountable.

“In the past, other political figures have put themselves in hot water with them.” he said. “She can’t single-handedly produce these outcomes. Furthermore, within a legislature, there is a place for party loyalty on the one hand and compromise on the other. Both of those might run headlong into such promises.