Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Every Vote Must Be Counted

By Mike Connery on 11/08/2010 @ 03:50 PMOn Tuesday, New York voters spoke loud and clear in favor of change, electing reform-minded candidates like Tony Avella, Gustavo Rivera, Tim Kennedy, and David Carlucci to the state senate. These were great victories, but the fight is not yet done. Three State Senate races remain too close to call.

Election Day saw the use of new voting machines in New York, and there were reports of significant problems at polling sites across the state. In Suffolk County alone, initial returns have shown varying outcomes, underscoring the need for full and fair recounts. What's more, thousands of legitimate votes cast on Election Day - absentee and provisional ballots - have yet to be counted.

These votes will determine which party controls the state senate and sets the agenda next year, and it is imperative that we ensure a full and fair process that results in an honest accounting of all votes cast. But the GOP is already rushing to judgment, proclaiming victory in an attempt to sway the results before all the votes are counted. They're lawyering-up and will do everything in their power to pull their candidates over the finish line - deservedly or not.

We can't let New York in 2010 become Florida in 2000. Every vote must be counted.

Can you contribute $10, $25 or $50 today to help protect the votes of all New Yorkers?

Your contribution will help us put in place a strong legal team to beat back the GOP's dirty tricks and ensure a fair process that protects every vote.

If you can’t donate, I hope you’ll consider helping in other ways. If you are a resident of the Buffalo Metro area, Nassau County, or Westchester County, sign up to join a Volunteer Corps to help protect the vote in your district.