Monday, October 11, 2010

A Disconnected View of the Oswego County Budget

County legislators to consider deputy administrator position - from the ValleyNews

Oswego County legislators will consider hiring a deputy administrator at a salary of $76,383 plus benefits. The $189.4 million proposed spending plan was unveiled at the Oct. 5 meeting of the legislature’s Finance and Personnel Committee.
One Opinion

It seems that history is about to repeat it’s self in Oswego County. The current direction of leadership with the county budget must remind those who watch the legislature of when the Republican leadership used all the reserve funds to lower taxes and continue spending several years ago.

Remember the 2002-2003 huge tax increases the Republican Party placed on county taxpayers? Their policies drained all extra cash in the county and then they added extra hidden taxes on county motorists for their spending.

Now with the addition of an assistant administrator at over $75,000.00 a year- is it now time for county taxpayers to start to ask questions of where the county is going in these very difficult economic times.