Saturday, October 9, 2010


Statement from Oswego County Democratic Chairman Mike Kunzwiler:

"Today, Senator Aubertine called on his opponent to join him in speaking to the people in a public debate. This is the right thing for the voters. It really shows the Senator’s willingness to stand up to any tough questions or inquiries the media may have.

"Our Senator has a strong record to stand on and Patty Ritchie has simply gone around telling people whatever she thinks they want to hear. What I’ve heard from friends and neighbors who Patty has talked to is that when you pin her down on any issue, she tells you what you want to hear, even if she gives two different people contradicting answers. It’s time Patty Ritchie speaks publicly and on the record.

"I applaud the Senator for being willing to take a stand on issues and speak publicly about the issues in this race. One thing we know about Senator Aubertine is that he’s always willing to let us know where he stands. What does it say about a candidate who will not speak to the media on the issues or speak publicly for the voters?"


OSWEGO, JEFFERSON & ST. LAWRENCE COUNTIES (October 8, 2010)—Senator Darrel J. Aubertine has accepted invitations to debate in each of the three counties within the 48th Senate District and is asking his opponent to do the same.

Several organizations have proposed debates in Oswego, Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties in order to provide the public with an opportunity to witness the two candidates discuss important local issues in an open forum.

“Voters deserve an open and honest dialogue between both candidates,” Sen. Aubertine said. “This is a very large district and having a debate in each county will give the people an opportunity to know where we each stand on the issues important to them. I have accepted invitations for three debates—one each in Oswego, Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties, and I would certainly like to see my opponent do the same.”

As it stands today, Sen. Aubertine has accepted invitations to debate in each county. Most recently, he accepted the invitation to a debate sponsored by WRVO at SUNY Oswego on October 19th. Unfortunately, his opponent has declined this opportunity to address the issues of this race.

“Let’s be honest here: What has the public seen from Patty at this point? Nothing, but scripted campaign talking points and puff pieces,” said Drew Mangione, spokesman for Senator Aubertine’s campaign. “Patty has ducked public interviews, tough questions, open discussions or any other scenario where she is not carefully scripted by her downstate handlers. People know that Darrel has fought for Northern and Central New York, and he knows these forums are important to draw distinctions between candidates. Without these, the public is left to wonder: What does Patty stand for? The voters should know Patty before they vote on Election Day.”

The Senator has also accepted an October 15 debate with WPBS and WWNY-TV reporter Jeff Cole, and another at SUNY Canton on Monday, October 18.


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